Chasing Coral Documentary review by KTD

Chasing Coral - Documentary Review

Chasing corals on Netflix is something everyone on this planet should watch. I have to admit I had some pre-assumptions towards this documentary. Hour and half seemed a long time to focus on life of corals. I was wrong. Documentary is done in extremely breathtaking and beautiful way. I actually might have cried a bit while watching.

Coral Bleaching in the Maldives

Chasing Coral Documentary

Coral reefs are essential for life on earth and an important huge eco-system. For the past 20 years fantastic colorful life on reefs has been disappearing. Due climate change world's water temperature is rising so rapidly that corals are vanishing at an unprecedented rate. Corals can survive up to certain temperature; 23 to 29 Celsius degree is ideal for them. But even a rise of few degrees for longer time is crucial.

Before and after picture of reef bleaching in American Samoa IslandChasing corals documentary captures a phenomenon called coral bleaching in a talented way. Group of scientists, divers and photographers follow this with underwater filming equipment for months. Algae lives in a healthy coral. When coral is stressed by for example temperature or nutrients, the algae leaves the coral which makes it lose its color and turn white. Besides the color, coral loses its main source of food. When the coral remains too long without algae, it begins to die. After bleaching, only the skeleton of the coral is left.

I highly recommend this documentary for everyone, no matter if you dive or not. This is not a usual nature film with boring narration. We can all make an impact to global warming by reducing our carbon footprint. Small things actually make a difference. I bet all of us want to enjoy the incredible underwater life as long as possible.

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Article written by: Anne Heiskanen

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