Black Friday - Why you should say NO to it.

Black Friday - Why you should say NO to it.

It is well known, that we are constantly overusing the earth's resources. In order to make a change in time, each of us should reconsider our consuming habits.

The goods are produced cheap in countries with low-cost labor force and shipped all around the world, that causes a huge carbon footprint to each product. Besides single use plastic the packaging is often made of plastics that might end to our oceans. The cheap synthetic fabrics release microplastics to the water every time you wash them etc. The list of problems coming hand in hand with consumerism is endless!

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This makes you wonder, how is Black Friday still a thing? While the massive discount rates might be tempting, you should also note that most companies make huge amount of their income during the Christmas holiday season. So even when selling cheap their goal is still to make profit. The product you are buying is very likely cheaply produced and low quality. When the number on goal is to produce cheap there is often no room for considering ecological or ethical aspects. 

Instead of Black Friday shopping spree think before you buy and only buy something when you really need it, not when you want it. Look for second hand goods and favor recycled products. Buy locally produced whenever it is possible. If you were considering purchasing Christmas gifts from Black Friday's discount sales, think about non-material options as well. Seeing your favorite band playing live will still be remembered when the product you bought from Black Friday sale might already be in the landfill. Or maybe this year, your family decides to donate the Christmas gift budget to charity to help someone who really needs it or by making a donation to Ocean Conservancy? 10 High-Impact Environmental Charities with Integrity

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We challenge you all to say NO to Black Friday and YES to more sustainable consuming habits.

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