When recreational diving is simply not enough for you...

Life Starts at 45 Metres

Join the Koh Tao Tech Divers courses in sidemount, backmount or closed circuit rebreather!

Life Starts at 45 m, Get Some Deco

Our seasoned team has what it takes, whether you seek to do some deco diving, heavy metal wrecks or even rebreather courses. Contact us for more information!

SSI XR Foundations

Improve your buoyancy, trim and finning techniques, and introduce the equipment needed for extended range diving!

SSI XR Nitrox

Dive to 40 metres, plan and execute up to 15 minutes of decompression, and use max 50% nitrox as a stage gas.

SSI Extended Range

Dive to 45 metres using nitrox mixes up to 100% oxygen, plan and excecute up to 25 minutes of decompression, and use one staged decompression gas.

Technical Extended Range

Explore the depths longer on SSI Tech XR! Plan your dives, dive your plan of accelerated multi-gas decompression and use technical diving equipment.

Advanced Wreck Diving

Learn how to do limited penetration into the wreck overhead environment. You will learn overhead buoyancy and finning techniques, as well as set up lines and use lights to your advantage.

Rebreather Training (Closed Circuit)

SF2 eCCR introduction

Just give it a go? Discover what it is like to dive with no bubbles!

TDI SF2 eCCR Air Diluent Rebreather Diver (MOD1)

Learn to use your SF2 eCCR rebreather both backmount and sidemount! Join our closed circuit course by TDI.

TDI SF2 eCCR Air Diluent Decompression Rebreather Diver (MOD2)

Take your rebreather diving to the next level: Do decompression dives on the SF2 ECCR rebreather in both backmount and sidemount via TDI.

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