Dive sites

Dive Sites

24 dive sites around Koh Tao

Here are our favourites

Koh Tao has about 24 different dive sites, all around the island. This means that all year round we have sites where we can dive. Most of our sites are a convenient, 10-20 minute boat ride away from the shop.

Each day we check the weather conditions, and the boat goes to where ever we have the best conditions that day. Check the following day´s dive sites at the shop!

Chumphon and Southwest Pinnacles

These deeper pinnacles are the farthest away, usually the morning boat goes on either one. These pinnacles attract the largest schools of fish, including barracudas, trevallies, queen fish and the occasional whale shark! Covered in anemones, they´re also home to the cute pink anemonefish.

Max depth/average depth: 35 / 18 metres

Japanese Garden/Red Rock

Nice and easy sites, suitable for all levels of divers. The shallow reef houses a huge variety of colourful reef fish, and Red Rock provides cool wall diving.

Max depth/average depth: 14 / 10 metres

Mango Bay

From the shallow beach to the deeper reef walls, this site has something for everyone. The usual suspects of reef fish are abundant here, and the conditions are easy for most of the year.

Max depth/average depth: 15 / 7 metres

HTMS Sattakut

The most famous Koh Tao wreck, the ship was sunk in 2011 and lies a snappy 10 minute boat ride away. Home to great barracuda and Jenkin´s stingray, the wreck also has fun swim-throughs.

Max depth/average depth: 32 / 20 metres

Twins/Buoyancy World

One of the most popular sites on the Rock, these pinnacles provide shelter for moray eels and blue spot stingrays. On Buoyancy world you can check out the artificial reef that's home to batfish and schools of butterfly fish.

Max depth/average depth: 18 / 10 metres

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