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The Facilities

The big one

M/V Sinking

MV Sin King is a Thai style built diving support vessel, built in 2000 where we have enough space for approx. 25 Divers or snorkelers. Sin King's upper deck offers a large sun deck with comfortable couches, sunbathing mattresses and a covered area for those of us who burn easily. On dive trips our boat offers coffee, tea, water, cookies and fruit. The toilet, first aid kit and emergency oxygen are located downstairs and our staff will give a briefing on the boat when you first get in.
The M/V Sinking is our cozy dive boat that can take up to 20 divers at a time. Chill out between the dives on the best sun deck on the island!

Easy ride

The Longtail

Newest addition to the KTD fleet, Speedy Gonzales. This speedboat takes you to private diving or snorkeling tours, fishing, freediving where you like and when you like. Gonzales specialty is to take you to ultraviolet night dives! Please contact us for special inquiries.
Our agile longtail serves as the connecting vessel between M/V Sinking and the beach. As with all amusement rides, remember to keep hands and feet inside the moving vehicle!

Well maintained

24 Aqua Lung scuba sets

Our lovely long tail boat we use as a connection to MV Sin King (who wants the constant hassle of traveling to the pier) and as a private snorkeling trip boat.
Within the shop you´ll find 24 regularly maintained scuba sets. We will have your size, ranging from XXS to XXL! We also have our own compressor with nitrox capabilities.

Give us a shout

Office hours 9:00-18.00

Mob. +66860699244 (Whatsapp) 

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