Ready to be pro Combo

Ready to Be Pro Combo

From Wannabe to Pro Level

Whether you want to dive like a pro, or you want to get ready for your professional level courses, this combo is for you. Combine four of the most interesting specialties to get your skills and knowledge up to the required level!

It all starts with navigating. Learn to find your way even in unfamiliar places, find the boat and skip the unnecessary surface swims. 

On the Deep Diving part of this combo you'll learn dive planning and what it takes to dive down to 40 metres. Finally, on the Stress and Rescue you'll understand more about the stressful situations divers can get into, up to and including rescuing divers underwater. In the process you become a better dive buddy!

Ready to Be Pro combines the following courses:

  • Nitrox Speciality
  • Navigation Specialty
  • Deep Diving Specialty
  • Stress & Rescue Specialty
  • React right and O2 provider

  • Who can take this course?

    • Minimum age 15 years
    • Open Water Diver
    • If you clear the medical questionnaire with only “NO” answers, you can sign up. Please consult your physician if you get any “YES” answers before diving
  • Duration

    • 6 days
  • Price includes

    • 8 dives
    • Equipment rental
    • Online materials - Rental kit (Online access to the digital training materials 3 months prior the certification)
    • Light refreshments on the boat; tea, coffee, water, fruits
    • Digital certification
  • Online training

    Download the SSI appThis course includes rental online material that can be used with an internet browser 6 months prior your certification. However, we recommend our students to upgrade their materials to diamond access. Benefits:

    • Download the SSI appLifetime Online & Offline access to the digital training materials
    • 2-year access to the Digital Divelog on the DiveSSI app
    • Downloadable to 3 different devices

    Upgrade to diamond access +1,000 THB / course

    If you change your mind later and want to upgrade to diamond access, please email us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Come experience this!

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Kohtaodiving Diveshop Thailand Ktd Wreck Specialitycourse
Kohtaodiving Diveshop Thailand Ktd6
Kohtaodiving Diveshop Thailand Ktd Deepdiverspeciality
Kohtaodiving Nitroxdiver Sidemount Sukelluskoulu
Kohtaodiving Nightdive Sukelluskeskus Thaimaa

Ready to be pro combo

  • 28.000 THB

  • 4.000 THB

Upon booking you are required to pay a deposit of 4000 THB.


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