Recreational sidemount

SSI Recreational Sidemount Specialty

SSI recreational sidemount diving

Sidemount diving means that you will have two tanks on either side instead of having just one tank on your back. This technique comes from the technical cave and wreck diving world, but has been gaining popularity with recreational divers more and more.

On this course you will learn how effortless it can be to find a flawless trim and a better balance with new gear, and why it makes sense to have redundancy with doubled air delivery systems. You will also learn to finetune the sidemount set to your body dimensions.

  • Who can take this course?

    • Minimum age 15 years
    • Open Water Diver
    • If you clear the medical questionnaire with only “NO” answers, you can sign up. Please consult your physician if you get any “YES” answers before diving
  • Duration

    • 3 days
  • Price includes

    • Equipment rental
    • Light refreshments on the boat; tea, coffee, water, fruits
    • Hands on practise
    • Digital certification

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