SF2 eCCR introduction Scuba Force

SF2 eCCR introduction

Try Rebreather diving 

Of course you can try it out! Find out how it is to dive with zero bubbles! Test the SF2 eCCR rebreather against another brand! Simply check out how it feels like!

We only need about 1 hour of show and tell with the setup, then we are ready to dive.

  • Who can take this course?

    • Minimum age 18 years
    • Have a current medical examamination for scuba diving and signed medical questionnaire
    • by a licensed medical practitioner not older than 1 year old


  • Duration

    • 1 day
  • Price includes

    • SF2 eCCR back- or sidemount ready to dive
    • Bailout-tank
    • Instructor guidance
  • Required equipment

    • Mask
    • Fins
    • Suit

From Blue to Black and Back!

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