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During these turbulent and challenging times, changes are occurring daily. Currently, it is hard to predict how long the Coronavirus is going to impact our world or when our lives will return to normal. Since we are ALL in this together, be assured that we have you covered to make the most of the current situation!  We wanted to give you this great opportunity to learn more about diving while staying indoors with very affordable deal. 


Thaimaan Koh Taon parhaat rannat  Koh Nanguan pieni

Best beaches on Koh Tao

What do you think about when someone mentions a holiday on a tropical island? For most of us it is beautiful beaches with warm turquoise water to play in.  Small beach bars providing much needed refreshments and romantic dinners looking at the sunset. Some are looking for great snorkeling or kayaking and others are in to more adrenaline filled watersports like wakeboarding. Whatever your preference of activities is, it is very likely that it will take you to the beach!

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Koh Tao for families

The beautiful island of Koh Tao has plenty of different activities that are suitable for those travelling with kids of all ages. No matter if you prefer to stay on dry land or try different water sports like scuba and snorkeling one thing is guaranteed: You wont get bored!

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Koh Tao dive sites

Best dive sites around Koh Tao

Koh Tao is well known of its beginner friendly diving. There are plenty on shallow reefs and easy bays where it is safe and easy to learn how to dive. The currents around the island are mild and the water is warm. Besides great training conditions there is another good reason to travel to this tiny island and dive. And that is big, spotty and likes plankton.

Koh Tao is the best place in Thailand to spot whale sharks in their natural habitat. And who would not want to dive with one!

 Koh Tao is surrounded by 20+ wonderful dive sites below we have listed our favorites in no specific order and what makes them so great!

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Responsible tourism in Thailand part 1

Like any popular tourist destination the activities in Thailand do have their dark side. So how to be a responsible traveler and choose the hotels, restaurants and trips from ethical and ecological perspective? Straightforward responsible tourism means that the chosen activity supports the locals and doesn’t harm the nature or animals - but making the right choice is not always easy. Some activities that might seem harmless are actually abusive when you take a closer look. So remember to do your research to have a positive holiday in Thailand in all aspects! Internet is a great source of information and we collected a small guide to help choosing activities, restaurants and accommodation.

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